The First Black Business Titan

March 4, 2022

As published in the Wall Street Journal

Reginald Lewis blazed a trail for future African-American executives.

Reginald Lewis was the first black businessman to pull off a billion-dollar leveraged buyout. He ran the largest black-owned U.S. company, the first to generate sales of more than a billion dollars a year. A building at Harvard Law School, his alma mater, is the Reginald FB. Lewis International Law Center.

Yet today the public hardly knows his name, and that’s a shame. Lewis broke racial barriers. Ken Frazier, executive chairman of Merck, said, “Reg Lewis opened up a world of possibilities for an entire generation of black business leaders.” Financier and philanthropist Michael Milken called Lewis “the Jackie Robinson of American business.”

For full article go to this link – https://www.wsj.com/articles/first-black-business-titan-reginald-lewis-beatrice-international-billionaire-leveraged-buyout-race-discrimination-racism-equity-11645132123

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